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Kevin Rudd Sep th GovernorGeneral Formerly the of Queensland from to Ms Quentin Bryce was sworn first female hold this office. It was then left to voters in election decide who should govern. Scientific stations were set up Heard Island in December Macquarie the following May using small vessel Wyatt Earp [...]

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In the government also reestablished Commonwealth shipping line. Should the Senate have right to block money bills How government respond when this happens GovernorGeneral intervene conflicts between houses WHITLAM GOVERNMENTS election was result of program party reform policy development and political salesmanship. The date for change had been set by Conciliation and Arbitration Court in September [...]

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Robert Hawke Sep America Cup comes to Fremantle The yacht Australia II won . Three weeks earlier an Australian ambassador had been received in Pyongyang. Robert Menzies Aug Bark petitions Yolngu people petitioned the House of Representatives after government excised land from Arnhem reserve March without consulting traditional owners [...]

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William Morris Hughes Aug Australian Federation of Women Voters Bessie Rischbieth founded this federated body political associations. Robert Menzies Dec Independence for Indonesia The independent Republic of United States was established. Joseph Lyons Nov Pig iron dispute Waterside workers Port Kembla New South Wales refused to load scrap destined for Japan arguing that it would be munitions factories. Among his many overseas tours he visited most nations of Europe Asia the Middle East Pacific and North series controversies involving ALP ministers revelations government attempts obtain foreign loans through unconventional channels LiberalNational Country Party opposition refused allow budgetary legislation pass Senate hope forcing election [...]

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The Naval College had temporary quarters in Victoria until HMAS Creswell at Jervis Bay was opened on February. She was elected unopposed by the Parliamentary Labor Party. Developed by scientists in Geneva this textbased browser enabled anyone with knowledge of the UNIX operating system to link Internet [...]

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Other innovations were Aboriginal Land Rights Commission Adviser to Government Women Affairs Institute of Criminology Law Reform Schools Social Welfare . His new United Australia Party won government at the election December. The Fund and its Advisory Board ceased in when they were absorbed into new Australia Council [...]

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This established the year rule for access to most Commonwealth records. Joseph Lyons May Silver jubilee King George and Queen Mary celebrated the anniversary of their reign. Reelected eighteen months later it was gone in just under three years. The breach of security cordon by TV satirists Chasers led to criminal charges that were later dismissed and international enjoyment their unexpectedly successful comedy stunt. Malcolm Fraser May Coastal Waters State Powers Act The Commonwealth returned control of to States [...]

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Harold Holt Feb Dollars and cents Australia changed to decimal currency. William Morris Hughes Jan Prime ministerial promise WM was again sworn [...]

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Yet tariffs were cut per cent overnight and taxes interest rates hiked just as world oil prices doubled the West crashed into recession new thinking behind Whitlam reforms many of them long overdue went hand with chaotic dysfunctional style government centralist approach relations states blithe indifference economic constraints all his towering dominance was bound by caucus ways that past future prime ministers not. John Howard was one of the three members committee along with Presidents Nigeria and South Africa [...]

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Acting Prime Minister Jim Cairns ordered the evacuation of population. In radio signals were successfully sent across Bass Strait. Find Out MoreSome Of Our Customers Include HomeGet CenterAbout UsContact Blog Sherwood Ave Line MI Copyright Whitlam Group [...]

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Harold Holt Nov WRESAT Australia first satellite was launched from the Woomera rocket range carrying research instruments Weapons Establishment. Joseph Lyons Dec Jewish refugees accepted Australia agreed to take fleeing from Europe after the German occupation of Austria and Czechoslovakia. Aimed at maintaining peace the Pacific ANZUS Treaty endured until. Stanley Melbourne Bruce Nov Free and equal At the Imperial Conference agreement was reached independent relationship of British Dominions [...]